Mammoth is ours!

15 04 2009

We did it! We invaded a server. We now own Mammoth. Since Mammoth is one of the biggest servers on CP, it will become our capital. It will also be our main base. We also helped IW patrol Christmas earlier. Here are some pics.

Helping IW1

See it says we are on Christmas and we are at the bottom right hand corner.

Help IW2

And here we are helping them patrol Christmas.

And here is us invading Mammoth. I forgot to take more pics. Sorry.

Mammoth Success!

Now we have to elect senators, a governor, and patrol leaders. If you wnat to run for one of these  positions, comment saying your penguin name and what oyu want to run for. A governor is the top position for a server. this is a very good position to run for. A senator makes the laws for the server. There will be 5 senators for mammoth due to the size. A patrol leader has his own division. A division is a group in the SPA Air Force. We have many divisions. We split up and run around CP. We will have 1 patrol leader per server. Start commenting if you want to run for one of these positions.

Penguins running for Governor: No one yet.

 Penguins wanting to be a senator: No one yet.

Penguin wanting to run for Patrol Leader: No one yet.

-ATM 23 Leader and Founder fo SPA Air Force



7 responses

15 04 2009

Hey! Mammoth is a Netruil server ( bad at spelling )

15 04 2009
generation 3

you cant own mammoth it is a neutral server

15 04 2009

why is it all crossed out? im confused!!!!!!!

16 04 2009

o yay i am in that pic

16 04 2009
Swat Bandit

i wanna be first in command

17 04 2009

cool! im in those pics too dylan! high five! well, maybe l8er

18 04 2009

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii berryterry

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