Swat Bandit and Utube

21 04 2009

Swat Bandit, thats so cool your getting a account. If you don’t know how to put pictures and everything I would be glad to help you. I will make a post later in the day telling you how to do everything. Maybe even a video! I’m so glad that your avalable to help me with the army. I also picked a couple more authors that I got comments from. First I pick…

Dylan Jr 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Also, if you want to go to my utube channel

  Click here

Everyone please subscribe t o my Youtube channel. if you don’t have a account then make one and then subscribe.


-ATM 23 Leader and Founder of  SPA Air Force



2 responses

21 04 2009

I want to be a auther really BADLY!!!!!!!!! I just submitted my form to be in the army and i am extremly loyal. If you dont pick me then i highly would recommend Fronjo4. He is a great friend and is just awesome!

P.S. Are you still picking people if so where do go?

21 04 2009

cool this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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