4 05 2009

Everyone, i am now rasing the code level to a CODE RED situation! The first time in SPA Air Force history! Code Red is bad. I am calling a meeting with the leaders of the SPA Air Force and some high ranked penguins in the army. Here is everyone who I need to come to the meeting.

  1. ATM 23
  2. Swat Bandit
  3. Fronjo4
  4. BerryTerry12
  5. tryeiouqo

If any one else would like to come then they can. I think gem gem would like to come. You can if you want to. She was eager to be in this army by her comments saying I’m not on the ranks page. Your now on the ranks page. Remember code Red is not the worst code level. Code black is. If your wondering why I called a code red it was because the recruiting drive Swat called for on today no one came. Not even Swat! And the previous things we called no one came except for some people. So thats all and CODE RED!

Meeting Dates and Times


6:00 PST

7:00 Mountain

8:00 Central

9:00 EST

Note: All times PM time.

When: May 5, 2009 (Tuesday)

Where: Server: Powder Ball, Room: ATM 23’s igloo. (it will be on the map)

And our chat:

-ATM 23 Leader and Founder of SPA Air Force



3 responses

5 05 2009

srry i coulndt come i had to set something up

5 05 2009

atm i can come to the meeting. by the gem gem is a boy. lol. Hes just using his sisters account.


7 05 2009

sorry i missed it, my brother waz on it doing his so called homework, ON MYSPACE AND YOUTUBE! hes a bummer.

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