War with Nachos?

18 05 2009

Ok heres the deal. We might have war with the Nachos. This is major. If you want to see Person’s post on this go here.


I’m not afraid. Here is what I want you guys to do.

Swat: I need you to talk to ACP.

TRY: I need you to talk to all small armies and get them to help us.

And for the rest of you, I need you to train. This probably will turn into a war so be prepared. I’m not afriad of them and I hope neither are you. This will probably get us a lot of hits. Person is just a perosn who only cares about the major armies and not the small or medium ones. The nicest major army leaders I think are

  1. Wii Mountain
  2. Boomer20

Those are the nicest. Be prepared. Cya.

-ATM 23 Leader and Founder of  SPA Air Force



6 responses

18 05 2009

I love SPA!

18 05 2009

I care deeply about small and major army leaders. If you’re going to make a false statement like that, give some evidence like an example.

18 05 2009

Atm no offence of course but i dont think that was the smartest thing to do.These guyz are a major army and almost defeated ACP!!!!

18 05 2009

erg……. why did you say that? erg……. We will get slottered

18 05 2009

Everyone makes mistakes. TRy and Swat.

24 07 2009

i dont think its a mistake i would do it! SHEESH TRY AND SWAT!! 🙄 LOL

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