Meeting Tonight

1 06 2009

Hey everybody. We have meeting tonight for everyone in the SPA Air Force. Here are the times.


5:30 PST

6:30 MST

7:30 CST

8:30 EST

Where: Be on Powder Ball and SPA Air Force chat

And here are stuff for our army that is cleared.

  1. Official Emote: Popcorn
  2. Official Leaders: ATM 23, Swat Bandit, and TRY
  3. Official Mascot: To be decided
  4. Official broadcasters: Youtube, Livestream, Dailymotion, CP Cinema website

Oh and for the mascot I think we should have a dancing pancake! What do you think? Oh and we need to choose color teams. I kanda like yellow and purple. Vote on this poll.

Thats all. Cya.

-ATM 23 Leader and Founder of  SPA Air Force



12 responses

1 06 2009

i might not be able to make the meeting or i might be late because my mom said dinner will be ready around 7:30. yup we eat late lol


1 06 2009

I missed it sorry and I got a BIG Secret I should of tould you a long time ago! I am a GIRL and I eat at 7:30 too!

1 06 2009

bluphicu your a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no offence but i thought you were a boy lol

1 06 2009
swat bandit

he i meant she is a gal?! 0_0 didnt kno that blu

1 06 2009

ATM when are you clearing the ranks?

I know that the following people are active

Swat Bandit
TRY (tryeuwqiop)
Maris girl

Then the people that might still be around

Dylan jr 1
corky wood

If i missed anyone that means your not active enough or i just forgot about you.

-TRY co-leader of spa air force

1 06 2009

Oh well. I know for sure that Corky Wood, Dylan Jr 1, and Alren4 are active because Corky is my bro, and I go to school with Dylan and Alren.

1 06 2009

oh yeah i forgot about alren4

wow i didnt know corky is your bro

2 06 2009

And I also have two sisters that are in this army. Its Peachie7322 and J E S S I CA.

1 06 2009

i go to school with gemgem, fronjo4, and tunacat. And they dont like cp armies anymore.

2 06 2009

ATM I’m a gal

2 06 2009

Ok? Cool.

3 06 2009

hey wat bout red and blk

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