Shifts/Bots At The Dock/Code Black!!!!!

16 07 2009

We now have shifts for looking out for bots. All of these are in CST becuase most of you live in the CST Zone

10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. is Gem Gem

12:00 P.M.- 2:00 P.M. is Fringro or what ever his name is!

2:00 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. is ATM 23

7:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. is Swat Bandit

8:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. is The first person that will say there name first with an X at the begining

9:00 P.M. – 10:00 A.M. just has to be me (Blupichu)



Ahhhh I saw bots at the Dock at our Sever Powder Ball yesterday at 11:12 PST 12:12 MST 1:12 CST 2:12 EST here is a pic of them.AHHHHH If you have a pic of one then send it to me at Also, if you dont know how to take a pic that is ok! Also, look at the post below!

Blupichu’s Edit: I made this Post not that other guy!

We are under Code Black!!!!!! Ok if you dont know what Code Black is it is the badest! Badder than red! Bots have entered the Club Penguin World again!!! The oldest bots got stoped by this girl that had soccer in it. Then later, poeple got more bots back running! Flappy, the old FACP Leader, and old ACP Programer was the Bot King!!!!!!! Then later when the Nachos gave Flappy a lesson Flappy distroied all of the bots!!!! Now today Flappy and Soccer have not been found and Bots have retured and now someone new will come and help us. Now this is what ATM 23 said,” Everyone a serious matter has come upon the Club Penguin Army World. Bots are taking over Club Penguin. Bots are hackers. If you don’t know what  a bot is then read this. It came from the Club Penguin Wikia.

A “Bot”, in the Club Penguin sense of the word, typically describes a penguin account created solely for novelty and/or hacking purposes, designed to do a specific and often bizarre task. When CP hacking was at its peak, bots appeared on numerous circumstances for various reasons. Bots are controlled by one person. Each bot is designed to do one task as many times as possible until it receives a ban. These assignments can range from humorous ideals such as repeating another penguin’s speech to criminal task like banning random penguins on contact. A Bot is a type of macro.

Bots normally stand in one place, performing their job in a highly populated room of a heavily occupied server.

The most popular type of Bot is a “Word-Bot”, Word bots are Bots that spell out a word such as “HI”.

Another popular type of bot is the “Follow-bot” where the bots can be spread out or can be in the same spot and constantly follow each other.

Some penguins actually pretend to be bots for their own enjoyment. Though, the difference between an actual human-controlled penguin and an automated bot is very clear. Bots can easily generate speech bubbles the second a nearby user does, for instance.

Every army is on a code red situation. If we are hacked go to this SPA Air Force back up site. Gem Gem’s meeting today at Powder Ball, I want everyone to create another penguin. For example.

Name: ATM 23 SPAAF

Just put SPAAF at the end of your name. If you are in more then one army then put the initials of both the armies you are in. Like me, I’m in SPAAF, ACP, and IW. So I will put those in my name. For your penguins saftey don’t go on your main penguins account. Club Penguin said they are working on the bots. We can stop this. All armies should join together and destroy this enemie. The bot group is called the Walruses. There leader has not yet been identified. But his identity will soon be found out. Here are my tips against the bots.

  • Make Secondary Accounts: I have told you this earlier in the post but we want the name of the army you are in at the end of your name so we can identify you when we are on CP.
  • Notify us and CP Support: Please notify us and Club Penguin Support if you see a group of bots for Bot Hives.
  • Watch: Watch where you go on CP. Bots like to hideout in crowded servers. Our capital Powder Ball isn’t a big server and will be inspected by SPA Air Force officials. If you want to be a SPA Air Force official then comment saying your secondary account and that you want to be one.
  • Backup site: I have created a SPA Air Force backup site just in case we are hacked you know where to go. is the backup site.

This is a serious time in the Club Penguin Army World. Bots are tricky. They can ban you right off the spot. Thats all! Cya.

ATM 23 Leader and Founder of  SPA Air Force” This is what ACP said now,”Oagals Edit : I want as many soldiers as possible to report the Walruses to the FBI. When you report them (REPORT to FBI) make a reference to THIS (illegal hacking and harassment).

Hello, as you are all aware these bots are becoming more and more agressive and with it..more dangerous. These bots have been able to hack penguin accounts and have them banned forever. Also this is not the work of Flappy, for those of you who don’t know yet, because as Person stated earlier Flappy was not around during The Collective’s Activity which took place in July-November 2008. Seeing as how in these times the bots are advancing more and more with technology and now their possible relations with the walrus, I propose that all of us armies, big or small, Major or not, to set aside our differences and stand arms in arms against them. They can be huge, yes, but they can not outnumber all of us if we work together. Some armies will deny this proposal, I understand if you turn it down. But think about how this will affect all of us, not just one, but all. These bots can develop, sooner or later you never know if they might start making themselves armies (even though they are controlled by one person, but a one man army filled with duplicates). If they convert themselves in to armies, they could lure in people on CP, if they haven’t already. This could lead their recruits to becoming “hackers” themselves, then more and more. I know some will say that I or whoever is siding with me are overeacting, but we have to prepare ourselves and think about the future. CP allows a maximum of 80 (?) I think. Either way if we joined forces they can’t stand against all of us. I also advise everyone who is reading this to change their penguin passwords and any CP or CP army related passwords, because you never know what could happen. If we don’t act now, this can turn in to a “Club Penguin Epidemic” as I like to call it. Army leaders, if you agree with this, then please, post this post on your site, letting us, the people who want to join arms in arms to retaliate against these bots, know that we can confide in you to do the right thing and let bygones be bygones. Remember that this post is to all small to major armies. Rallan, if you are reading this, please contact an army leader of any major or medium army, we could really use your help. Thank You.

P.S To ACP: Please leave this post up for a whole day for the other armies to see. Thank You. If something else is urgent, then you can post.

~Stev712, ACP 3rd In Command.

Oagalthorp’s Edit: For those of you who don’t know me, I am the creator of the ACP, and led it for two successful years through the largest and most devastating conflicts in CP history, so I think I know what I’m talking about. Just follow these instructions for surviving the Bot Pandemic:

  1. First and foremost, be careful. Donnot thoughtlessly provoke bots, because their leader is a hacker, and could be a dangerous hacker. We don’t want any ACP solders or allies to have their accounts or websites hacked. Read the next few rules for how to deal with them.
  2. As previously mentioned, change your passwords ever week or so. This will prevent 90% of account hacking.
  3. Create a secondary, non-member account. If we battle bots, we may want to use these, so we can protect our real accounts from being hacked or exploited. A good idea is you name your account (variation of actual account name) + (something ACP related). For example, mine might be “Oagal ACP,” or something like that. I recommend adding “ACP” so we can identify our soldiers on the battlefield.
  4. Patrol suspected Infected Servers, or “Bot Hives”. If bots, hackers, or Walruses are spotted, report them immediately and proceed to attack them–it is recommendedthat you attack with your back-up account. When fighting, you should call in back-up from the ACP Chat.
  5. Follow the ACP motto: Defend freedom, preserve justice. What separates us from the hackers and the Walruses if our code of honor and morality. We must never lose sight of this. I expect ACP soldiers and allies to fight a fight worth fighting for.

P.S. I’ll equip you with specific anti-bot fighting tactics later on.

PSS. Just a friendly letter to our friends in the hacking community . . .

In the likely case that the Walruses donnot know basic history, let me remind them of one inescapable fact in life. The evil–those who don’t follow the moral code of society–lose. Let me repeat that in lay-man’s terms: Walruses, you will LOSE.

Hitler’s Germany lost.

Saddam Hussein lost.

The pinko commy bastards lost.

And don’t think for one minute that you’re the exceptions to the rule. We’ll have the FBI on your ass in the blink of an eye if you so much as make a single step towards disrupting the safety of the soldiers opposed to you and the very children of Club Penguin who those soldiers aim to defend.

Now you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: Do you feel lucky? Because I sure as hell wouldn’t if I were in your miserable position.

–With warm regards,

Oagalthorp” Ok by now about everyone has heard about the bots now here is what the Nachos said,”Ever heard defence wins ball games?  If you haven’t, it’s true.  Defence does win ball games.  I am saying that because probably many of you have already ask yourself  “How the heck are we going to fight these hackers?”.  We are going to fight these hackers by playing defence.

. . .


  • Protect Our Empire: I want every single Nacho soldier whenever they get on to patrol our Empire(White House, Blizzard, Fjord, and Bobsled).  If any of you spot bots in our Empire, immediately report to chat right away and alert every soldier.  Use all the Anti-Bot tactics(below)
  • Change Passwords: I want every single Nacho soldier to change their password(s) to your Club Penguin accounts.  Then, for everyone on the Nacho website, I want you to change your wordpress passwords too.  I want you to try to change your password every week or two weeks.  This will prevent 90% of account hacking.  Make sure to make your passwords long and hard to guess!
  • CP Support: We have the Club Penguin Team on our side.  So, we must use them to our advantage.  Whenever you have a chance, send Club Penguin an email.  In the email, tell them what server you saw the bots, room, and at what time.  It would be good to give them pictures if you had any of he bots too.  By sending CP an email, they can ban the bots forever for hacking.  Click this link to send CP an email:
  • Report the Bots: Whenever you see the bots on Club Penguin, make sure to report them!  If they get a whole bunch of reports, CP will look into it and could ban them.

Anti-Bot Tactics

  •  RUS… If you spam RUS many times, it overloads the bots and they will eventually crash!
  • Lag = Good… Lagging the bots is good when battling because it slows them down a lot and could cause them to crash sometimes.  To make the bots lag, make lots of movements by: dancing, making the music emote(”E” “T”), throwing snowballs, joke bombs, etc.
  • Color Owns Words… xD  The bots usually like to say stuff and cover you up with their words they say.  So, doing  joke bombs, chanting Nachos over and over will not work, it will just make the bots look bigger.  When we charge will charge with emotes, usually the mad face(”E” “9″) or war faces as we call it.
  • How to charge a line… The bots like to make lots of lines.  To charge a line, you charge up and down the line repeatedly.  Pretty simple, huh?  Remember to use war faces when you charge the line though!
  • The Rallan Tactic…lolz. Only if we need it badly. o_o

I’ll add some more tactics when I think of some more. ._.

 And, we aren’t the only ones being attacking by these bots and hackers.  It’s the entire Club Penguin Army Nation.  We, as in all the Club Penguin Armies, are trying to ban together and set aside our differences to stop these bots from trying to take down Club Penguin Armies.

Don’t forget about our big patrol of White House TODAY!

Where: White House

–Meet at the Snow Forts

Date: Tuesday, July 14th (TODAY)


  •  10:00 AM, Alaskan Time
  • 11:00 AM, PST
  • 12:00 PM, MST
  • 1:00 PM, CST
  • 2:00 PM, EST
  • 7:00 PM, UK
  • 9:00 PM, Miroos Standard Time

Remember to be careful with these bots because the person controling them is a hacker!


Edit: If you have any pictures from battle, post the link to those pics here!”

Well that is all for today! Everyone bye!



13 responses

16 07 2009

ok i have the second shift. if u cant make ur shift on a specific day then tell us so someone can fill in.

16 07 2009

wouldnt it make sense for swats shift to just be from 7:00 to 9:00?

16 07 2009

no fronjo it wouldnt because than blupichu would have to do it 9:00to11:00 and that is late!

16 07 2009

Dear Spaaf,
I have decided to help you in your time of need. That doesnt mean im REjoining but ill still help when i can. Other than that all i can give is my support.

Fight strong and you will Stay Strong. GOOD LUCK!


16 07 2009

Glad to see you again. Glad you can help. All of these Club Penguin warfare legends are coming back to help against the bots. Oagal (sort of), and Itachi.

16 07 2009

YAY! thx try

5 08 2009

Hackers will never hurt you…Its army leaders who will

5 08 2009

Do hackers carry around guns? NO! Do army leaders and cp army soulders carry around guns and shoot people? YES! So the answer is hackers will never hurt you for no reason.

5 08 2009

Well not really “guns” but you get the point right?

5 08 2009

We don’t associate with hackers.

5 08 2009

ikumiku… these were walruses.They could techinically destrroy club penguin if they wanted too, but they had to get through us

20 08 2009


8 02 2010

Wow… I still laugh at this post XD


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