How to post/Some More Stuff

23 07 2009

Go to here and learn how to post Gem Gem and Fronjo

And this week and next week I want them to be Blupichu week! Kinda like a welcome back gift. But Blupichu is in charge. He will schedule PB’s, Wars, Recruiting Drives, Parties, and much more. I will still do stuff to but he likes to do stuff. He has a lot of experience. And Blupichu I will make a you a editor if you only edit the pages I assign you but you can also edit posts that anyone makes like put “Blupichu Edit:” with some sort of color. Here are my pages and here are Blupichu’s.

ATM’s Pages:


Code Levels

SPAAF Nation



Blupichu’s Pages:

Medals (Get the medals page up and running again)


Server Map

SPAAF Servers History (Newest Page)

Also, Blupichu. I want to know if you want to be our Secretary of Land? Secretary of Land handles the SPAAF Servers History Page. You put all the history of our servers on that page. Like who claimed they owned the server. Do we ever share a server with anyone? And stuff like that. If you ever need a break Blupichu and you want me to handle some of your pages for a little while I can. Thats all! Cya.

-ATM 23 Leader and Founder of  SPA Air Force



7 responses

23 07 2009

WOW!!!!!! THX ATM!!!! 😀

23 07 2009

Oh thanks (Hugs ATM 23)

23 07 2009

Ok ATM 23 I will edit only those and put Blupichu’s Edit: too

23 07 2009

ATM, anthor proplem will when i post them they only go to my blog not spa home page now what do i do??!!

23 07 2009

look at the top of the website it where it saying Dashbords put your mouse over it thenone will be your website and one will be SPA click on spa

23 07 2009

i tryed that but it didnt work do i click dashbords or the other ones?

23 07 2009


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