9 08 2009

People if you think I’m coming back for this army and this has been the longest time I have been in retirement well then you areright if you think I’m coming back!!!!!! Also, if you can ATM 23 make me an Editor again. Also, when school starts for some of you out there it is ok to not be active a lot not a lot of people are active during school. I will be making more people join our Air Force and some day we will have our freedom to be one of the Top Armies! I am just saying never give up like I did about 5 times when I retired I learned that being an army means being a Family! Also, when Swat Bandit Passes Away AKA Retires we will still be a family like Try is. Also, they don’t keep secrets and I got a secret of my own I am in FW!!!! I know crazy but Pringle was my friend since SAP ATM 23 remembers SAP a old Army. But this is really my friend and you will let me be friends with him or we are not really a Family or an Army it is good to be friends again! After I am done I have tiped 218 words just for this post and for you.



4 responses

9 08 2009
atm23(not logged in)

I’m glad your coming back! Its ok to be freinds with Pringle even thought he is one of my biggest enemies. It also sounded funny when you said “WHen Swat passes away”

9 08 2009

ASWOME!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

9 08 2009

yay i wont be that active during school!

9 08 2009

passes away 😐 it’s like a big funeral when someone passes away like jojofishy

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