Code Levels

Key: ### = Current Status


Green: Situation good, no problems ###

Yellow: Potential problems, possible trouble between ranks

Orange: Troop problems, organizational distress

Red: Absent leader, troops causing havoc

Black: SW army surrender, USSW defenseless


Level 1/Green: All clear ###

Level 2/Yellow: Disorderly conduct, small wars

Level 3/Orange: Small war, many troops on both sides

Level 4/Red: All out war between two “big” armies, all measures taken

Level 5/Black: World War, mutiple army battles, borders shut down


Level 1: No problems, state of the union strong ###

Level 2: Small problems, disorderly conduct, small police situations

Level 3: Possible riots, damage to structures

Level 4: Destruction of USSW buildings, army related activities

Level 5: War within server, metropolitan emergency

Level 6: City limits blocked, roads in and out closed, state of emergency

Level 7: State of emergency or possible surrender


Level 1: Relations with allies strong, everything fine ###

Level 2: Small trouble between 1 or more armies, potential war

Level 3: War between (SW) and other armies (within USSW boundaries – or not)

Level 4: Major war, (destruction of USSW buildings – or not)

Level 5: All out war, state of emergency, all measures taken

Level 6: Evacuation of server/World War


Clear: No Threat, All Clear ###

Moderate: Small Army Activity/1-2 Unscheduled Battles

Defcon 1: Server In Threat Of War/Invasion

Defcon 2: Server In War Territory, Battling Within

Defcon 3: Server Down, Territory Almost Lost

Defcon 4: Moments Before Controlled Area Lost/Government Of The Server Collapsed

Defcon 5: World War, and the USSW is the Battle Ground/Surrender

– Snow Warriors (SW)

– United Servers Of The Snow Warriors (USSW)


7 responses

1 05 2009

Wow those last ones kind of scare me lol.

29 09 2009
Toucan Sam 4


2 04 2010
Nintendo Dude100

I am glad we have this page because if we are in big (small) trouble we have these codes to tell us what kind of trouble.

~Tank 😎

2 04 2010

I think we can keep this page the way it is. It looks 100% fine.


2 04 2010

We will.

2 04 2010
Nintendo Dude100

I agree.

7 04 2011

THAT SOUNDS SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T FEEL LIKE A PWNY ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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