A New Beginning

14 05 2010


Swat edit: There is still the marines of cp. I want Marine corps of East County or whatever we will call our country!

ATM Edit: I agree Swat. If we go bad I can arrange for us to merge into RPF. But I don’t really like that idea. So, I think a good time for the meeting would be Wednesday, 4:00 PST PM. If you can’t make it we can reschedule. At the meeting we should discuss names, colors, uniforms, new chat, promotions, etc.

Swat edit (again): I don’t want to merge YET. If things are going bad for us I will agree to merge.

Swat edit: I want all the names by wednsday. Personaly I want something official with marines.

Ok so, were all gonna start a new army. Here are the things we need.

  • New Site (Blog)
  • New Name (Can not make new site without our new name)
  • Constitution (Name needed)
  • New Banner (Need new name first)
  • New Header (Again, need new name)
  • New Toolbar (New name needed)

Thats just the basic stuff. As you can see, everything seems to evolve around the new name. So we need to firgure out a new name. It can’t have anything thats has to do with weapons or fighting because CP will filter it. We should have a meeting to discuss everything. Tell me what times you are open. I can’t do it this weekend because on SaturdayI’m going to my niece’s birthday party then on Sunday I’m going to this Fun Fair at my school. Then on Monday I’m watching Lakers at 6.

-ATM 23 GW Master Lt, ACP Major, CPUN Justice


Our Name… Forever

21 04 2010

On this historic day of April 21, 2010, Wednesday. The Seperatist Penguin Association Air Force, Penguin Armed Forces, and Snow Warriors will be retired and shut down… Forever. We have had our ups, and our downs. But it is our time time to retire this Legendary army.

SPAAF, PAF, SW Hall Of Fame:

ATM 23: The Leader and Founder of this whole thing. I started this and I am reviving it…(Swat is in da house)

Swat Bandit: The Co-Leader of the SPAAF, Major in the ACP, this guy is one of the best.

Fronjo: A legend, he brought us 3 new troops, TRY, Gem Gem33, and Tunacat.

TRY: I seem to think that you planned to bail out on me right when we started the new army and then brought GemGem with you. But still, a legend.

Gem Gem 33 (Tank, NintendoDude100): A funny kid who was very smart. Go Chowder!

Tunacat: Made some great Operations that were never run because he retired, legendary.

Powder Ball: My favorite server on Club Penguin which soon became our capital.

Our name will be known Forever…

-ATM 23 Leader and Founder of the Seperatist Penguin Association Air Force, Penguin Armed Forces, Snow Warriors, Golden Troopers Master General, Army of Club Penguin Major, Club Penguin United Nations Justice 


18 04 2010

Ok, so we are on Level 2 in our USSW International Codes. 


Level 2: Small trouble between 1 or more armies, potential

But this won’t be a problem. They say they have been around since last year, well we have been around since March 09. And I have a LOT of experience, there leader Froeth (I’m not even sure thats the leader lol) or whatever his name is is obviously a noob. I mean who thinks its an honor to be number one on the top 10 small army list? Come on, that is a lie. Look at there pictures they only have 3 people. We only have like 4 people but I can get the rest of the CPUN. So whoever made those top 10 lists were picking favorites. So, if you still want war, you’ll have to fight 3 troops (you) vs. 5 or so armies. Give me your answer…

-ATM 23 Leader And Co-Founder of SW

And here is our new logo:

New Name: Snow Warriors!

8 04 2010

Well, its official! Our new name is the Snow Warriors. We haven’t had any objections to the name and it will show on CP we are now the Snow Warriors. I will make new banners, tool bars, headers, logos, flags in the next couple days. I will be scheduling a recruiting session probably on Sunday.

-ATM 23 SW Leader, GT Master General, ACP Major, CPUN Justice

Recap of Meeting

5 04 2010
04.05.10 Private PAF Meeting
From 5: 32 – 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
Attendance: 3 Peoples

Hey peoples. So me, try, and tank had a meeting that last for 58 minutes. 5:32 – 6:30 PM PST. Heres what we discussed.

A new army name: We thought of new names but didn’t find an official name.

Video Advertisements on Youtube: I will make 5 advertisements by the end of April to post on Youtube.

Government: I will start to write a Constitution and we will approve it once we get more soldiers.

Ranks: Tank is being added as a Head Commander and will be a Moderator on chat.

Change to Rebellions of CP Warfare: Disagreed by TRY, and Tank.

And at the end of the meeting when Tank had left try said “Theres the Ice Warriors, and theres the Fire Warriors, why don’t we be the Snow Warriors? Or the Water Warriors?” I personally like Snow Warriors and I think CP will let us say it. I will check later tonight.

-ATM 23 PAF Leader, GT Lt. General, CPUN Justice


4 04 2010

Hey people. Happy Easter! Hope you liked my Easter post. Well, I was on CP yesterday taking pics for the army and my bro was on the other computer in the house on the same server. So I wanted to see if PAF or Penguin Armed Forces would show up. It didn’t so I emailed CP about it. I tried to sound all sad and didn’t tell them we were a army because then they probably would be like “We don’t promote armies or violence in Club Penguin” so I acted like we were a team trying to protect people. Heres my email to them.

“Hello Club Penguin Support team! I have recently made a team on Club Penguin with my freinds to protect the penguins. We named our team, the “Penguin Armed Forces” and for short we say it abbreviated which would be “PAF”. But we are sad because Club Penguinw won’t let us say “Penguin Armed Forces” or “PAF”. Is theer any way that you can change your filters so we can say it? Please reply back! Thank You! :D”

CP’s Response:

“Hi There,

Thanks for your email and it’s really cool that you and some friends have started a group to help protect the penguins of Club Penguin!

The term ‘armed forces’ is blocked from our filter because we feel it is some what inappropriate for the site.  The word ‘armed’ is usually referred to someone carrying a weapon.  We would never encourage weapons or the use of them on our site.

Have you thought about changing the team name to something else?  Maybe PENG: Penguin Elite National Guard.  This will definitely go through the filter, both PENG and the full name of the group!  Try it out maybe?  I hope so!

Feel free to write us again if you have any other questions or concerns and we will be happy to help out.

Waddle on,
Club Penguin Support”

lol I sound like a noob in my email. I don’t really like the name Penguins Elite National Guard so what do you guys suppose we do?

-ATM 23 Leader of PAF, GT Lt. General, CPUN Justice

Happy Easter! PEEPS!

4 04 2010

Happy Easter people! This day always reminds me of peeps. Peeps are awsome.

Heres my story from last night. Well, it was 3 AM. I heard someting in the dining room. So I grabbed my gun from under my pillow. Went out to the living room. And heres what I found.

This thief was in my house.

 So I took action. And hit him with about 3 rounds.

Then I stole his peeps and went back to sleep.

Then the cops came.

And here is some cool pics of peeps.

Yup, its pics of the peep army.

Heres a Lakers peep dancing.

Los Angeles Lakers Vs. San Antonio Spurs, 12:30 PM PST, April 4, 2010, Easter Sunday @ Staples Center on ABC

And heres a Peep on fire.

Well, thats all for today. Cya!

-ATM 23 Leader of PAF, GT Lt. General, CPUN Justice